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Safe Routes to School Dinosaur on a Skateboard


Tips and Tricks

The Safe Routes to School App is intended to be used outside during a walk from your home to school and back. Please be mindful of your surroundings while using the app. This app will calculate a safe route from your home based on the best data available, however sidewalk data is often incomplete or inaccurate. 

All-Season Safety Tips


The best route is the safe route.

Choose a route with sidewalks, crosswalks, or bike lanes, and cross at a signalized crossing when possible.


Minimize the number of street crossings.

Avoid busy, high-speed or multi-lane roads when possible.


Look both ways.

Check before crossing the street.


Make eye contact.

Make sure drivers see you before crossing the street.


Be alert.

Watch for turning cars.


Be visible!

Wear bright, reflective clothing and use bike lights.


Protect your cranium.

Wear a helmet when biking, skating, or rolling.


Heads up, phones down!

Use caution and pay attention at street intersections.


Know your route.

Only share your route with trusted adults.


Buddy up!

Walk or bike to school with friends, family members, or neighbors. There is safety in numbers.


Designate safe zones.

In the event of an emergency or sudden change in weather, find safe zones along the school route.


Identify safe adults.

For when you need help or feel unsafe, have a list of adults to turn to for help. Examples include law enforcement, EMS, teachers, school staff, neighbors, or any other trusted adult.

Winter Safety Tips


Allow extra time.

When walking or biking to school, allow for extra time to travel.


Watch for ice.

The sidewalks and streets may be icy or snowy. Allow extra time to cross the street safely.


Give cars time to slow down.

In icy or snowy conditions, it's harder for cars to slow down. Be careful and cautious when crossing the street.


Be visible in the dark!

If you can see a car, it does not mean they can see you. Use lights and reflective clothing.

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